There is a lie deceiving the world. A lie that appears as an angel of light . It goes by the name of Christianity, but has little resemblance to the actual teachings of the Christ. You hear it preached all over the television, radio, internet, and yes even in churches by small, angry, close-minded people. We must forgive them, and pray for them. The lie twists the meanings of the words in the Bible. Its message is judgmental, accusatory, fearful, blaming, ego-driven, dualistic, angry, and hateful. The lie shapes our world by influencing our leaders. Unjust laws are enacted based upon the lie. Wars are fought in its name. People give their lives for it.

The root of the lie is idolatry. People worship not God, but instead worship their ideology, church, morality, theology, or even the Bible. There are many substitutions for actual religion, but throughout history there have been prophets who have always named them what they are: idols. The lie will even make a god of Jesus. It says all you have to do is worship this god. (Make no mistake Jesus is God, but at no time did He ever ask us to worship Him. Instead He repeatedly told us to follow Him. Do you see the difference?)

Jesus came to expose the lie. He did not condemn a single sinner. He touched them, healed them, forgave them, and loved them. Transforming them in the process. He condemned the hypocrites who were blind to their own sins, but were quick to point out the sins of others. He was equally quick to point out that they were followers of the father of lies. He forgave them as well, even as they were driving nails through His flesh.

The lie will not allow people to see their own faults. Instead they see evil in others and feel justified in blaming and killing. They did it to the prophets. They did it to the Son. His death exposed the lie once and for all, and shows us the way to fight it.

We must stop blaming and scapegoating. No more sacrificial killing. Fight evil with good instead of evil. Treat others the way you would want to be treated. That’s everyone!

We must follow Christ. We must pick up our cross and follow Him every day. We must touch, heal, forgive, love, and thus transform the world around us. Do not condemn, simply do it right. Do it instead of just preaching it. As St. Francis said, “Preach always, and when necessary use words.”

And pray. Pray always. Talk to God. Spend time with Him. Depend on Him for everything and your life will become a prayer.

Do this and you will not be popular. You will be seen as a trouble maker and a rebel. Jesus, Mary, the Apostles, the prophets, and all the saints were rebels of some sort. So be a prayerful rebel. That is what it means to be a prayerpunk.


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  1. Love your philosophy except for one thing. You say that Jesus is God and yet in the Bible Jesus was asked this question and he said no. He even said that he was not the son of God, only the son of man. Besides, an all-powerful God would never have to reduce himself to human form. He could just directly inspire man. By the way, if Jesus
    was God then God failed in his mission as we have, as you said, experienced 2,000 years of the lie ever since.

    • It is so nice to be able to talk about these things in a reasonable way. Books could be written to reply to this comment, and have been I’m sure. I will try to reply as best I can. Yes, an all powerful God could stay in Heaven and pull strings from there, this is the view the Judaism and Islam take. The Christian revelation has always been that the Word became flesh and dwelt among us. The Bible does say that Christ was God. Jesus never just comes out and says I am God, you are right in that. Most of the time you have to understand 1st Century Israel. He says He is the Lord of the Sabbath. No Jew would ever make that claim, in fact it is the thing that still makes most religious Jews unable to follow Jesus. He does call Himself the Son of Man, a title that comes from the book of Daniel. Based on that text the people of that time would understand who He was calling Himself. However, it is clear from the text that Christ didn’t want to tell the crowd openly who He was. He wanted people to come to that understanding themselves. Also, in the Gospel of St. John when Jesus is asked by the high priest whether He was the son of God, Jesus replies, “I Am.” Not only is this an ascent to the question, He is using the name that God gave Mosses in Exodus. Finally you say that Jesus failed. How so? Because we are not all living in total peace and joy? Jesus never expected to convert everyone. He talks of His followers being the salt of the earth, the leaven in the bread. The salt is not the entire meal. The yeast is not the whole loaf. No He seems to be saying He only needs a small group of real followers. This small critical mass of people will save the world. His idea of victory is not ours, it never was. The Apostles didn’t understand this, even after the resurrection they were expecting Him to restore the Kingdom of Israel. And don’t think that I am saying only that small group is saved and everyone else is going to Hell. He gives you want you want. If you want honestly want Heaven, He will give it to you. If you want Hell, He will give it to you. I doubt I’ve convinced you of anything, but like you say I hope I have made you think. The point of this blog isn’t to convert anyone, only to show people the mainstream view isn’t the only one. If you would like to know what tradition I am from, I am a Franciscan in the Catholic Church. I follow the traditions of St. Francis, St. Bonaventure, John Duns Scottus, St. Teresa of Avila, St. John of the Cross, and others. So we aren’t new, we’ve been here trying to hold the Church together for centuries. Again, thank you for your time and interest.

  2. Obviously, mainstream religion has issues which makes it unacceptable to many people. I like your philosophy as it has many positive ways of looking at the world. I would only caution against putting too much stock in the Bible. The Catholic church was basically formed as a pagan religion (just look at the rites and rituals and clothing employed, for example) with a dash of Christianity to bring the Christians into the fold. They rarely even cover the teachings of Jesus (only Mother Mary may I). The Bible, therefore, is really a product of the Holy Roman Empire and is not intended to be a true and complete reflection of Christianity. If you haven’t done so already, you might want to read some of the great spiritual and religious writings of biblical times including important Christian writings that were intentionally excluded from the Bible (e.g. the Nag Hammadi Library, the Egyptian Book of the Dead, The Book of Enoch and the Seven Tablets of Creation). Happy reading and I’ll look forward to your future blogs.

    • You bring up some interesting points as always. However, my own studies have led me to different conclusions. The Bible, as we know it, was not compiled until around 400, however the individual texts were written much earlier. The letters of St. Paul were the earliest, and the gospels later. These, and others, were copied and passed around as the new religion spread. In fact early copies of New Testament books outnumber any other ancient texts. All of these were before 312 when Constantine made Christianity the state religion. These were produced by the underground Church, before any institutional Church was formed. So, from an archeological point of view, those books haven’t been altered. Now about the choosing of those books. In the early Church there were three main strains of Christianity. One, the Arians, believed that Jesus was only a man, a great prophet, but not divine. Another were the Docetics, who basically believed that Jesus was only God, and His humanity was an illusion. The third, the majority, were called the Catholics who believed that Jesus was both fully human and fully divine. In the council of Nicaea the Catholics prevailed. This wasn’t what Constantine wanted; he was an Arian because that allowed him to still be called son of god. Later, when they decided to assemble the New Testament, the criteria they used were simple: the texts had to be old, this excludes most of the Nag Hammadi library since they aren’t as old, they had to be being used by the Church already, remember the Church is older than the Bible, and yeah they had to back up what was already believed. The only two books seriously debated were Hebrews and Revelations. They kept the Greek translation of the Old Testament as it was and thus we have the Bible. Again, I want to stress that by the time the Catholic Church became legal, the texts were already written and we have so many copies we would know if they had been tampered with. As for your statement that the Church doesn’t teach Christ, but only Mary, I have to say you are way off. I attend Mass regularly, and Jesus is taught daily. We only really talk about Mary on certain days. The Catholic Church was formed by the Apostles and their disciples. We call them the Fathers of the Church and you can read their writings today. Polycarp, Ignatius, Origin, Tertullian, and up to Augustine. It’s all there. The idea that imperial Christianity went back and changed everything just doesn’t hold up to the evidence. You also have it backwards. The Church picked up pagan things later to ease conversion of the masses, but it without a doubt started firmly Christian. Now the Roman Catholic Church has had many grave issues over the centuries. It is the job of my order the Franciscans to bring the Church back in, when she has gone astray. By the way, I have read most of those, except the Seven Tablets of Creation. I have also studied many Hindu, Buddhist, and Taos texts. I love studying religion, my own and other peoples, as well as myth and history. I know this went rather long, but I wanted to give your comment the response it deserved. Thank you.

  3. Hello there, you are clearly someone with solid opinions and plenty of research and knowledge to back it up. I recently asked my followers to participate in a poll, and while I’ve had a good number of votes, many have opted out. Some people are just reluctant to participate, I guess. I’m trying to find “deep thinkers” around WP who might be willing to stop by my blog and give their answer. It’s totally anonymous, and I don’t know who votes what. All I see are how many votes I’ve had. I’m going to stick a link here to my post with the poll and maybe you’d be kind enough to click it according to your choice? My name is Tilda, by the way. 🙂 Here’s my poll if you would be so kind to make a vote. http://tfaswift.wordpress.com/2012/10/16/do-you-believe-1/

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