What If?

One of my last posts was about reconciling contradictions in the Bible.  Sometimes, however, the contradictions between the scriptures and science.  Personally this one doesn’t bother me, but it seems to be the cause of great debate.  Nowadays it seems like you can either believe in science or in religion, but not both.  To believe in both would seem to be a complete contradiction.  I think that point of view shows a lack of imagination.

I do not need science to prove my faith, nor do I disbelieve science because it doesn’t back up the story of genesis.  I am absolutely fine with the idea that everything in the Bible is true, and some of it actually happened!  That there is a spiritual or moral truth to every story, even if it never actually happened in history.  Maybe Jonas was swallowed by a giant fish, maybe he wasn’t.  The point is that he had to descend into darkness before he was able to do God’s will.

Have you ever studied quantum physics?  I haven’t.  It hurts my brain.  However, I am a big fan of shows like “Through the Wormhole”.  I like it when Morgan Freeman explains things to me!  Ok to be honest I have read some on quantum physics and some of the latest theories on cosmology, like String Theory and M Theory.  Don’t worry I am not going to try and explain it all, but one of the things I seem to get from it all is that the universe is much stranger than we ever imagined.  Parallel universes and multiple dimensions could be reality.

So perhaps there are multiple levels to reality.  What if on one level of reality God sat by a river and sculpted the first human out of clay, while on another hairless apes began to cook their food and walk upright?

Ok, maybe I’m crazy.

Look there is no reason to debate about whether science is true or religion.  None of us were there when any of these things happened.  All of us are searching for the truth.


2 responses to “What If?

  1. I am not sure if you will be happy with my reactions – but for what it is worth…. I wonder if you know that the great theologian St Augustine once explained that you have to accept the Bible as true – but true in the sense that it can speak to you – not that it is true in the literal sense that is necessarily factually true. (parables may not have actually happened but their truth is still there) Even back then he could see that there were two different versions of creation in Genesis – and that God separated day from night is incorrect in that for a round world it is actually always day somewhere. There are untold factual contradictions in the Bible – but the basic message is still true in the sense that it speaks to me. I think you may have seriously misunderstood science and its relation to religion. If you wanted to follow this up and debate this further you might like to google “Shaping God” on my site – or any of my articles or posts on science and religion.

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