My Crazy Conservative Uncle

Do any of you have a crazy conservative uncle?  I have two!  To be fair one of them doesn’t express his views very much.  The other, however, posts like 20 political updates a day on Facebook.  So yesterday he was ranting about Hillary Clinton saying, “what difference does it make,” and I had to reply.  I keep trying to not reply to his posts, but sometimes I get so mad at the ignorance.  Ignorance is one of my pet peeves.  What got me about this one was how the day before he had been calling George W. a hero because he sold a truck and donated the proceeds.  So he’s demonizing Hillary, and proclaiming George a hero.  So I called him on the double standard.  I intelligently compared what Hillary did to what George did when he was president.  I was told I was thick skulled, (very true) and to stay the f off his wall.  To be fair I did say that all he did was parrot what Fox News said. (Which he does, but nobody likes to be called a parrot.)  I decided to do exactly that.  I was never going to reply to one of his updates again.  That’s when my other uncle got involved.  He called me the most ignorant person he has ever met.  Now that is saying something.  On Thanksgiving we were playing some silly game and his son had to do an impersonation of Ronald Reagan.  He holds his hands in the air and makes the victory sign with each and says, “I’m not a crook!”  What’s worse is that my other uncles daughter didn’t know who he was impersonating.  So my adult cousins do not know who Richard Nixon or Ronald Reagan were, but I am the most ignorant person he has ever met.  So I went deeper into my analysis and starting presenting facts.  The reply I got was incomprehensible and had nothing to do with what I wrote.  I was then told I should move to Iran or China.  I honestly couldn’t get to sleep last night over this.  I kept trying to figure out what I could say to get them to at least understand what I was saying.  Not to convince them, but just get them to understand my point.  My girlfriend had to point out that these are people with no sense of historical perspective.  They are Amero-centric and get all their information from conservative sources.  Obviously I am still sore about it all, that’s what this rant will hopefully take care off.  I just have to get this out of my system.  Then this morning he had a status update that said they are voting to allow guns in churches and was excited about it!  Hence the image.  Sorry to dump on you all.  It is my fault for getting involved in the first place, so I have decided to filter my uncle’s posts from now on.  Now I will only get what Facebook decides are important posts and life events.  Yay!  If you have a crazy person who you want to filter, but not unfriend or block here’s instructions. 


4 responses to “My Crazy Conservative Uncle

  1. The suggestion to move to China may not be a bad one. After my vacation in America, I’m seriously considering Shanghai for work. Lots of Westerners seem to like it, as it’s pretty developed and international. As for Iran, no way! Can you even imagine that visa process?! Interesting how he put them in the same sentence. Like suggesting that you move to Cyprus or Iceland. LOL.

    • He used those two because to him they are the most unAmerican. I would actually love to visit both places, but couldn’t stay. I really want to see Hong Kong from the sea. The pollution in China would kill me, and I would probably be martyred in Iran.

  2. “UnAmerican” as in “anti-American” or most dissimilar America? Either way, China wouldn’t even make my top 20. (Pretty sure Hong Kong is actually more capitalist than the US.) Regardless, sounds like you didn’t inherit your uncle’s fear of the world.

    • Probably both in their mind. They have bought all the propaganda, and in their dualistic thinking it is either us or them, you are either for us or against us. It is basic tribal thinking that is actually behind most racism and religious conflict. Thank God I had some amazing history and social studies teachers who helped me love history and understand different cultures. I always wanted to travel. I would love to sail around the world. Hopefully one day I will.

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