As you may have noticed, I haven’t been around lately.  Life sort of caught up with me.  My fiance has been very sick.  She’s had several tests done and they haven’t been able to really figure out what’s wrong.  So she’s been out of it and I have had to pick up the slack, and to top it off I got sick.  We don’t know for sure what it is, I have suffered from it off and on for going on eight years.  I think it’s gall stones.  Prison doctors never did anything for me, and I can’t afford a doctor out here, so I just suffer through it.  Oh and we have two hyper pit bull pups that seem to need constant attention.  So writing has fallen to the way side.  Sorry.  But I am back.  Hopefully I will be a little more regular on my posts.  Can’t promise everyday, but I will try harder.


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