Everything Is Sacred

In the book of Zachariah, near the end of the Old Testament, it speaks of the Day of the Lord.  It says that even the horse bells would be holy, and the cooking pots will be sacred and equal to those in the temple.  Ancient religion was all about separating the sacred from the profane.  Jesus came to change that, though a great many of His followers today still think it is their duty to pull out the weeds.  That’s what comes from churchianity instead of real honest Christianity.  The Kingdom of God isn’t about churchiness, it’s about everything.  After conversion, what Jesus calls metanoia, it’s all about relationship, and once you are in the right relationship everything is sacred.  If you listen to Jesus it appears that farming, housework, and dinner all become holy, and can lead you into the Kingdom.  The secular is where we discover what is truly sacred.  Catholic theologians call it a sacramental universe.  It is in the domestic Church that we are converted, the liturgical Church simply feeds us and sends us there.  It is the unexciting world of sweeping the floor and working in the fields that Jesus goes to reveal the Kingdom of Heaven.


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