Please Pray for Us

I need your prayers.  Last week we saved a couple of little pit bull puppies.  These guys have  turned our lives upside down.  We had to puppy proof our house, pay vet bills, and just deal with trying to not let them take up all my time.  I haven’t been posting as often these last few days.  It wasn’t all the puppies fault, my girlfriend got bit by a brown recluse, and even though it was a juvinile she still got very sick.  I came down with a sinus infection.  It’s been a tough week.  But through it all these puppies have become a part of our family.

Our landlord found out our puppies are pit bulls.  We didn’t know it, but he doesn’t allow pit bulls.  The people we saved them from live in a house he owns as well, and our manager had told them to get rid of the pups.  Of course they didn’t tell us that part.  So they told us we have to get rid of them.

We did some research and found renters insurance that removes all liability from the landlord.  We are pitching the idea to him soon, and we need your prayers.  Please pray that he relents and lets us keep the puppies.


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