Being Docile to the Holy Spirit, and Puppies

Last night my girlfriend came back from the store in tears.  She had seen a guy pick up a puppy by the ear.  Later she mentioned it to our neighbor and found out the owners wanted to sell it, so she came in, in tears, and asked if it was ok.  I assured her it was ok without a second thought.  A few minutes later she was back with two pit bull puppies.

We had been talking about getting a dog, but we had both agreed that we didn’t want a puppy.  To much work.  We were going to go to the shelter and save a life and all that.  Well, like usual, life didn’t go the way we planned.  No worries, we just go with the flow.

I have read about being docile to the Spirit.  I suppose it means being open to God when He wants you to do something.  About always being open and ready.  I think these cute little puppies are a perfect example of that.

See God seldom speaks to us the way we are led to believe He does.  I have never heard a booming voice from the sky or seen four faced angels covered in eyes.   God is much more subtle than that.

I think the best way I can explain it is by using a couple of cliches.  The first ones is, “God comes to you disguised as your life.”  The second is, “life is what happens to you while you are busy making other plans.”

So the best way to find and do God’s work is not to wait for a clear message from God, but to keep your eyes and your heart open to the world around you.  Opportunities will present themselves.  Maybe it will be something more obvious like seeing someone trying to read a Bible while on the bus.  You might ask if they understand what they are reading.  Or it might be a little less obvious like seeing a puppy being abused and being willing to open your home to two rambunctious bundles of energy.


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