America: An Apocalypse Explained

Wow, yesterday was the biggest day I’ve ever had on this blog.  I had almost twice the number of hits as my last highest day.  So thank you all!

I find it strange, however, that no one asked any questions.  Since I am going to be very busy today, I thought I would explain a little about yesterday’s post.

I have never been so nervous posting anything I have written.  I started to explain it at the bottom, but it kept coming out an apology.  I didn’t want to apologise for writing it so I just left it without any explanation.

I had the idea a couple of weeks ago.  I woke up slowly that day, sort of drifting in and out of sleep.  In that state I started to dream/think about the election in apocalyptic symbols.  After I got up, I started to seriously think about writing it.  But I didn’t.  Instead I continued to think about it, I built upon the idea.  Instead of actually writing it I wrote another post that explained what I was angry about, which is people idolizing America.

That sort of got it out of my system, for a while anyway.  Then the election ended.  The uproar from that segment of our country got me thinking about it again.  Again, I wrote something else.

But it wasn’t enough.  I had so much venom built up from the passed two years that it just finally poured out of me.

I do want to say first off, so there is no confusion on this, I make no claims of being a seer.  All I did was us the hyperbolic symbolism of apocalyptic literature to describe what I see happening in America.  I also want to say that I love my country.  I was not trying to condemn all of America, just the bad.  Part of loving anyone or anything is telling the truth.  As a society we worship money.  We almost treat the economy like pagans did their gods.  We also expect our government to take care of everything for us.  We put our faith in these two human systems instead of trusting God.

The symbolism is pretty simple.  The beast is the United States Government.  I used the eagle, because it has long been a symbol of our country.  The two heads are obviously the two parties.  The horns represent each president that came from that party.  Eyes represent consciousness, and are often used in apocalyptic literature.  I just made them blind.  Mammon is the word most Bibles use for the word that Jesus used for money, when He was teaching that you can’t have two masters God and money.  That hits us so hard we have to leave it untranslated, and it has come to have a demonic quality.  The false prophets are the political pundits who whip us into a political froth.  The four years, two years, etc, is our election schedule.  It’s all pretty self explanatory, at least to me.  That’s why I wanted to explain it, in case it wasn’t so obvious to others.

The point is that we are being two trusting of our leaders.  There are many real issues that weren’t even talked about during the election, like the drug war.  Our violent foreign policy would continue whoever won.  Even the Christians seem to have lost their focus.  Those of us who claim to be Christians, must start being more Christ-like.  We need to follow in His footsteps, and practice his teachings.  What’s more we need to trust Him, and not our money or our government.  He is the only eternal reality, everything else will eventually die.  Why put our faith in what is dying?


2 responses to “America: An Apocalypse Explained

  1. Maybe it’s because we’re in such different places that I’m struggling to tune in to what you’re saying. At first, I thought you were saying that “as a society” we place too much importance on money. Not sure if you mean the US society or the world as w hole; either way, it’s worth discussing. On one hand “mo’ money, mo’ problems” but on the other hand, as Mark Twain said, it’s the LACK of money that’s the root of all evil.

    But then you said your point is that we’re too (two) trusting of our leaders. How so? I’m not disagreeing, I just don’t know what you mean. I, for example, feel neither trustful nor distrustful of the government. The government’s just “there” to hopefully keep the streets paved and not pass laws that are too-too crazy.

    Like I said, I think your POV is so distant from mine, it makes it hard to know what you mean. But I’m really curious and find what you say to be interesting.

    • You have some good questions, and I am having trouble answering them. I never thought I would have to explain how we put to much emphasis on money, and government corruption. Don’t take this the wrong way, but it seems you are rather innocent. That’s a good thing and it means that this piece wasn’t aimed at you, which is why you are struggling to understand it. Let me explain it backwards. The teachings of Jesus are all about love of neighbor and treating people the way you would want to be treated. He taught forgiveness and mercy. He called it the Reign of God, usually translated the Kingdom of God, but it is letting God, who is love, rule our lives. We have to put Him first, and above all. We have to put our trust in Him. When we start to put our trust in something else, like wealth or government, we make idols of them. That’s what this piece was about. Our American culture is not about trusting God. It isn’t about treating others the way you want to be treated. We tend to put most of our effort into making money. Many people believe that money gives them security, so that is what they put their faith in. Money itself isn’t evil, and the lack of it does cause real suffering. What I was really talking about are the big corporations who make millions upon millions, and treat their employees, the environment, and the world as thought they are expendable. They pour money into the government to try and buy elections. They lobby to manipulate laws. They pay scientist to say that they aren’t responsible for the changes in the climate. All so they can make more money. When making more money is more important than people then you have made money your god. The companies that make weapons push our leaders to war, because war makes money. The two political parties aren’t really all that different. Both are for the big corporations. Both are for continuing the violence in the Middle East. The pundits make a lot of noise around election time to keep us distracted from the real issues. No one talked about stopping the drone strikes, or domestic spying, or ending the Patriot Act. I get accused of being unpatriotic because I don’t back everything our government does. In America we have advanced citizenship. It is our duty to watch our leaders, and to call them out when we see them doing something we don’t like. I wish all they did was keep the streets paved, but if left unchecked they will slowly take away our liberties one by one in the name of security. Don’t get me wrong America is still a great place, but the soul of the nation is being sold off the highest bidders.

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