America: An Apocalypse

And from the west arose another great beast with the body and wings and talons of a great eagle, it was covered in a thousand eyes all of them milky white and blind, and two heads, one of a wild ass and the other a shrieking elephant.  The head of an ass bore fifteen horns, the elephant eighteen, and out of both mouths poured deceit and blasphemy.  Many false prophets called people to worship the different heads of the beast, and every four years, then two years, and four years again the two heads would wage terrible war with one another, and the land was divided.  While the people were distracted by the battling heads and the false prophets, the talons of the beast did ensnare the world, and in the name of freedom the people were enslaved.  The beast bowed to none but Mammon, at whose teat it suckled.  Even the elect were fooled and while they praised the Lord with their lips they put their trust in Mammon and the beast. The filth of the beast poisoned the air, polluted the waters, and laid waste to the land.  There were great earthquakes, terrible storms, and the sea escaped its boundaries.  There was famine, and war, and rumors of new wars.   There was fear and trembling, and the people turned not to the Lord but to the beast to protect them. 


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