Why I Won’t Vote

Today is election day finally.  Thank you Jesus, it’s almost over.  (No that isn’t taking His name in vain, I meant it from the bottom of my heart.)  I didn’t want to write about the election.  This isn’t exactly a political blog as you may have noticed.  But I am doing something that goes against everything I was brought up to believe.  Something that will enrage my family.  After they find out they will have proof of what they have long suspected, that I hate America.I am not voting in this election.

This decision didn’t come easy to me.  See this is the first presidential election that I have had the opportunity to be a part of in over a decade.  I was in prison, and prisoner can’t vote.  So I looked forward to the day when I would once again be a participating citizen, a second class citizen, but a citizen none the less.  Before I was locked up I was very much a liberal.  Not that I paid much attention to the issues, back in the nineties nothing seemed that important.  The biggest issue was the president’s sex life.  But while in prison I had the opportunity to start reading more about politics and my views changed some.  I began to lean the right on economic ideas and social issues.  However it was also obvious that a Democrat would make a better governor because the Republicans hate prisoners.  For the supposed moral party, they have a surprising lack of mercy.  By the time I was released I was confused.

So I began to read and study.  Being out, I had much better access to information.  The more I studied the more I was horrified.  What I have come to realize is that both parties stand for things that I consider to be evil.  We have done, and are doing horrible things with our military.  Both parties bend over backwards to please corporations who dehumanize all of us to make billions.  What became obvious was that the entire system is evil, and neither candidate will do anything to change it.

As a follower of Christ I do my best not to commit evil knowingly.  I believe that voting is officially sanctioning whoever you are voting for.  So by voting for either one of them I am officially giving my approval for someone who I believe will commit evil acts.

That’s when the shame hits.  My family is always reminding me of the sacrifice of our soldiers who died to give us the right to vote.  But that’s not why they died.  I am not trying to take anything away from the sacrifice of those who fought, only to show the falsehood in the idea that not voting insults our fallen soldiers.  They fought not for our right to vote, but to defend our freedom.  And freedom is more than the right to vote, it is the right to not vote.

See, I am not voting out of laziness or not caring.  Most of the propaganda about voting is to get people involved.  I am involved.  I choose to not vote for reasons of conscience.  I make this known because a silent protest in this situation is ineffective.  I will not support evil, and I will say it out loud.  The idea that one vote is going to make a difference is pointless when you live in a state like Texas.  The majority always goes to the Republicans, and so they get all our electoral votes.  A side note, I think the electoral college is antiquated and should be done away with.  So the impact of my vote would be negligible at best, but the impact on my soul would be much greater.

I cannot support even the lesser of two evils.


2 responses to “Why I Won’t Vote

    • Right? I recently saw on an interview that they are intentionally using shame tactics to get people to vote. Shame is a powerful motivator, just ask any pastor or priest.

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