Rooted In Eternal Love

We live in a world of constant change and confusion.  Sometimes it seems like everything is on the brink of total chaos.  This chaos isn’t just in the outside world, but in us as well.  Probably most of the confusion and chaos of the world is caused by the confusion inside each of us.

St. Peter says to us, “Do not be perturbed, but hold the Lord Christ in reverence in your hearts.”  

Part of being a Christian is finding harmony within ourselves.  Inner peace is as much a part of being Christian as loving our neighbors, though it isn’t stressed as often.  Peace is a gift, but one that we have to make ourselves available for.  This takes some discipline.  We must bring order out of chaos so we can have peace and harmony.  Once we have found that peace inside ourselves much of the chaos and confusion of the world will cease to touch us.  The world will remain just as crazy, but it will no longer have power over us.

Jesus put it this way, “The winds, the storms, and the rains may come and beat upon that house, but it will stand firm because it is founded on rock.”  Jesus, of course, is that rock.  It isn’t enough that I tell you that He is the rock, and it isn’t enough for you to read it in the Bible, you have to know it from your own experience that Christ is the living principle of love, peace, harmony, and order.  You must learn from experience that harmony and order can only be based on love.  If it is based on responsiblity, duty, or some other misguided idea, it will not last.  You will burn out.

When you root your life in love, then you are rooted in reality itself.  God is love, and the only thing that is real.  When we are rooted in this essential reality everything else loses its power over us, even death, because we are so rooted in eternal love that nothing can destroy.

The challenge that we must face is to find this rock-like foundation.  It’s one thing to read about it, or be told about it, but it is another thing altogether to find it for yourself.  This is where prayer comes in.  Specifically meditation.

Our daily meditation is nothing less than a return to the fountain of living water, and immersing ourselves in the Spirit of God.  Completely alive within His life.  Loving with His love.  St. Peter advises us to, “lead an ordered life given to prayer.”  It is in prayer and meditation that we will find the foundation to build our lives on the will of God.

Meditation is to be open to the divine reality that is closer to us than we are to ourselves.  Each time we meditate we return to this supreme reality.  This is our destiny, in our Christian language our vocation, to give glory to God in all that we do.  This is only possible if we glorify God in all that we are.  Meditation brings us to that unity of being fully alive in the glory of God, simply by being who we are.

To meditate all you need to do is sit with your back straight.  You can sit on the floor, or in a chair, just as long as your spine is upright.  Find as quiet a place as you can.  Don’t move, you want to sit as still as you can the entire time of meditation.  Close your eyes.  Now repeat one word or phrase, this is commonly called a mantra.  I suggest the sacred name of God.  Pronounce it Yod-He-Vav-He.  Simply repeat it gently it gently in your mind over and over.  Give it all of your attention.  Listen to it as you say it.  When your mind wonders off, simply go back to your mantra.  Meditate at least twenty minutes every morning and every evening.


2 responses to “Rooted In Eternal Love

  1. “Once we have found that peace inside ourselves much of the chaos and confusion of the world will cease to touch us”.. I like this statement. The theme is really very meaningful. Thanks for sharing. God Bless.

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