Laugh While You Pray

To many people take prayer to serious.  If you just mentally flinched you may be one of those people.

We tend to think of prayer as something to be done very reverently.  We get down on our knees and talk to God like we would a human king we don’t want to offend.  Sadly this really is the way many people believe prayer should be done.

Prayer is your relationship with God.  How would your relationship be with your spouse be if you only talked a couple of times a day and it was all done very formally and seriously?  Needless to say, it would not be a happy marriage.

Did you know that one of the most important questions they ask when they are considering someone for sainthood is did they exhibit joy?  Joy is one of the fruits of the Holy Spirit.  Why leave it out of your prayers?

It is almost like we try to act like a different person when we talk to God.  I don’t think He wants that at all.  Job yelled at Him.  I’m sure He wouldn’t mind if you laughed with Him.

It is obvious to me that God has a since of humor.  Look at some of the animals.  I mean in the book of Job He is bragging about the hippo.  He made the duck billed platapus!  He has to have a sense of humor.  Actually if you want real proof of it, go to a place where there’s alot of people and just sit and watch.  People are so funny.

The world is serious enough.  We need to bring light and joy into it.  To do that we need to bring it into our prayer life.  So here’s a little homework assignment.  Next time you pray, tell God a funny story.  Something that happened to you or something you heard about.  And laugh with God!


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