Love Your Neighbor

I have to struggle with this one so much.

I find it easier to love my enemies, they don’t live next door.

The people to the left fight constantly.  Both yell all the time:  at each other, at their kids, at their dogs.  He slaps the dogs.

The couple to our right just had a new baby.  It was premature and born addicted to drugs.  Other than that they are a nice couple of kids.

The woman down the way is every Republican’s nightmare.  A crack addict on welfare.

Sometimes it is tempting to just hide inside our place and never come out.  Avoid the people around us.

Not that it would work, last night one of our neighbors came knocking on our door at around eleven asking if we wanted to buy some bug spray.  I don’t know, I don’t ask.

Sometimes we get so caught up in our own lives and problems that we don’t think we have any time for other peoples.  The problem then is that you cut yourself off from humanity.  We need other people, and not just our friends and family, but other people not like us.  With different problems, and different perspectives.  If we don’t join in with the life around us we die.

There was a guy who lived a few doors down.  We only saw him at night, walking away, not paying any attention to us or any of the other people in our little community.  They found his body the other day.  He had hung himself.  It took five doors for anyone to find his body.

His grandfather came over and asked us if we knew him.  I told him that we had only talked once, and briefly at that.  He nodded.  No one knew him.

I’m not trying to make a point.  I don’t think that if he talked to us more often he wouldn’t have killed himself.  I don’t think us forcing ourselves on him would have saved him either.

It’s just sad that his grandfather couldn’t find anyone who knew his dead grandson.


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