I haven’t posted anything in a few days.  Honestly, I’ve just been exhausted.  I think I sort of burned myself out a little when I wrote the series Only a Suffering God Can Save.  I had been wanting to write it for a while, but the time never seemed right.  Finally I decided to just do it.  It was the most intense writing experience I’ve had in a long time, and after it was done, I just felt drained.

But now I’m starting to come back around.  I have been reading other people’s blogs and I have found a few new topics I want to address.  Also, when I was moving I put up a bunch of poetry just a filler.  The blog was starting to grow and I didn’t want to disappear and have people forget about it so I posted some poems by some Christian mystics I like.  They were a big hit.  So I have been thinking that I might start posting some of my work once a week.  I like to write sonnets so I was thinking of having a Sunday Sonnets or something like that.  Not that I will only do sonnets, but the name is catchy.  I’m looking forward to that.

I am thinking about writing a book based on some of the themes I touched on in Only a Suffering God Can Save.  (I feel silly linking back to it every time I write the name, but it looks funny if I don’t.)  Something about that topic,  it just burns inside me.  I feel like Jeremiah.  He wanted to quit, but the message burned him down into his bones, so he had to go on.  I just see so many people suffering, and not understanding why.  I see so many Christians who don’t seem to understand anything about Jesus, why He died, what He meant by some of the things He said.  I’m not saying I can change the world or anything, but I have to teach.  It’s what I am.

So pray for me and my work.  For my family who supports me in what most people would call my craziness.  May the peace of Christ be with you all.


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