In The Beginning Was The Relationship

I am going to talk today on the Trinity.  I’m not going to try to “prove” the existance of the Trinity; I’m going to try and briefly explain what it means.  We say that there is one God made up of three persons.  This comes from trying to explain scripture and what Jesus teaches us.  Without going into to much explaination it seems that the Bible presents God in three different ways; the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit.  What is interesting is that they interact with each other.  Jesus talks about the Father, but He also talks to the Father, and then later says that He and the Father are one.  The Bible never clarifies this and theologians spent centuries arguing about it.

What the doctrine teaches us is that God is all about relationship.  He is made up of three seperate persons who are in perfect relationship with one another.  The Father gives glory to the Son, who gives it to the Spirit, and back round again to the Father, as my late friend Harry put it.  Actually the Trinity is better than that.  It is perfect communion with perfect giving and perfect receiving.  Mutual indwelling, which is to say that where one is so are the other two.

This perfect communion is what life is all about.  The Trinity is the basis for family, for friendship, for society.  Scientists are finding that it is the basis of the universe; everything is in relationship with everything else.  We are invited into this communion.  The Bible is the story of how God got us ready for it.  The prophets show us the way.  The mystics guide us on the path that Jesus blazed, as we are drawn deeper into the divine sharing.

Did you know that our English word person comes from the word chosen to describe the individuals in the Trinity, who were seen as having infinite capasity for relationship?  What does that tell us about ourselves that we chose that word to describe us as individuals?  We long for connection.  No man is an island and we yearn for relationship.  We were created by it and for it.  “Let us create man in OUR image and likeness.”


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