Lord, Save Me From Your Followers

When the Romans where hunting down Christians, do you know how they were able to find them?  They recognized Christians from other Romans by the love they showed.  Can you imagine that?  They showed so much love that they stood out from all the rest of society.  They did this at a time when it was a death sentence to be a Christian.


Over the weekend I told a friend of mine about that, and she said, “if they were hunting for Christians today, they would be looking for self righteous pricks.”  I had to laugh, because it’s so true.


Some of my family live in a small town.  It’s not exactly country, not anymore, the city has sort of grown out to it now.  But it still has a small Texas town feel.  Stores like Dominoes Pizza and Taco Bell have “God is Awesome,” on their marquees.  As a Christian, you might think, “oh that’s nice.”  I don’t think so.  Signs like that make me uneasy.  Not that I don’t like it when people are open about their faith, that’s not it at all.  No, it’s just that experience has taught me that when you see signs like that it means there are “those kinds of Christians” around.  And sure enough I was right.


My friend went on a job interview and was told she would have to wear her hair down.  The girl they had before liked to have her hair in a pony tail and they lost business because of it.  Really?  This is the 21st Century, and they are telling her she can’t wear a pony tail because that would offend the Christians.


She has another story of when she lived in California, how she wanted to go to Church.  She wasn’t Christian, but something was calling to her.  She and her best friend went and bought new modest outfits and went to a Catholic Church that still did mass in Latin.  She just liked the idea of a Latin service.  The people there were more traditional than most and all the women had their heads covered.  They treated my friend and her best friend like they were whores of Babylon.  Neither of them went into a church again for years.


I’m sure you have heard of a man named Gandhi?  He had been reading the Bible and really liked what Jesus had to say.  He decided he would go to a church and see what it was all about.  The usher told him that he wasn’t welcome, that he should go to a church were his people where.  Gandhi never became a Christian.  Later, he was asked why he had a problem with Christ.  He replied that he had no problem with Christ, but with Christians.


Why do we act like that?  What’s wrong with us?  How can we call ourselves Christians and do things like this?


One response to “Lord, Save Me From Your Followers

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