Shut Up Already

The other day I saw a sign in front of a church that read,”The Bible is NOT a Weapon the a Culture War!”  Wow, I thought to myself, you don’t see something like that very often.  After sort of chewing on that for awhile I came to the conclusion that they’re right.

If you read the Bible you see that the apostles preached, especially St. Paul, and St. Peter, along with St. Stephen and a few others, and that leads people to believe that we are all supposed to preach, but if you read the letters these men wrote you find different instructions.  St. Paul clearly says that some are apostles, some are teachers, some are preachers.  Basically, while everyone has a job, not everyone is called to preach.  At least not out loud.  St. Francis is famous for saying, “preach always, and when necessary use words.”  St. Paul says more or less the same thing.  Our actions should be our preaching.  A friend of mine likes to say that, “you may be the only Bible some people ever read.”

Which brings me back to the, so called, culture war.  We have a ton of very angry and hateful people speaking very loudly for the rest of us.  Some are clergy, but most are not.  Many are political pundits and glorified DJ’s.  They wield the Bible as a weapon of hate in a crazy crusade against “conservative” values.  Frankly they piss me off.  They make people see Christians as angry, ignorant, holier than thou assholes nobody in their right mind would want to be like.

This is the exact opposite way that the Bible and the saints have taught us to preach.  If you don’t like the way that someone is doing something, do it better.  It’s the same with the culture war.  If you don’t approve of homosexuality, or whatever your issue is, don’t do it.  You think the traditional institution of marriage is in danger, than make your marriage the example that will lead others to want what you have.  St. Paul says not to take our issues to the pagan courts, and while I’m not going to call our courts pagan, it’s a good principle.  Live your faith instead of preaching it.  Be the light of the world, don’t just talk about it.  And please don’t yell about it.  It makes life harder for all the rest of us.


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