Immoral Minority

Have you ever been to an Alcoholics Anonymous meeting?  I’ve been to a couple.  The people there were a little rough around the edges as you might expect.  What you might not expect is the amount of love I witnessed.  These messed up broken people, many of whom you would be afraid to meet in a dark alley based only upon their looks, loved each other in a very powerful and life changing way.  As I sat there I actually witnessed God pouring out of these people and healing those around them.  It was beautiful.  Rarely have I found so many people in one place who really depend on God.  They don’t just say it, they live it.  Every moment, every breath, they must rely on God to save them from themselves.  It was amazing.  What’s more they welcomed me, a visitor and a stranger.  They said hello and shook my hand and put me at ease.

I’ve been moving around a lot lately, so I’ve been going to some different churches.  So far I have not been welcomed in any of them.  No one except the priest has said hello.  At one small church they would not even shake my hand at the sign of peace.  Is it because I am a little rough around the edges, and wasn’t dressed the way they thought I should be?  Or maybe because I was with a woman who did not have a ring on her finger?  Who knows, maybe I’m being to judgemental, and they are unaccustomed to strangers and are merely shy.  The fact remains that I have not found a church where I have witnessed God the way I have at an AA meeting.  Isn’t that sad?

The problem is that to many Christians don’t honestly follow Christ.  They believe in Him, and maybe even worship Him, but they certainly do not follow Him.  To be fair maybe they have never met Him in another person.  It is hard to become a Christian until you have met a Christian.  Remember the word means one who is like Christ.  Also in our afluent, individualistic, and self sufficient society many people never hit bottom.  They never find themselves in the dark, all alone, crying out for someone to help them.  Anyone at all and finding nobody, turning to the only one left, God.  Like Jeremiah in the well, or Jonah in the whale it is when life humbles you that you turn to God.  Until then it is all head games and pep rallies for Jesus.  I have yet to find God in the so called moral majority.  He came for the sick, or at least those who will admit to being sick.  Broken people who depend on Him and with every fiber of their beings pray always.  You might call us the immoral minority.  I call us prayerpunks.


One response to “Immoral Minority

  1. I can relate to what you’re saying. I have only ever been welcomed or made to feel welcome at two different churches. I have also attended some AA meetings and those people have turned their will over God to His will. They make everyone feel welcome and encourage you to keep coming back. I don’t know what it is about people in some churches. Are they only there because it’s the social thing to do?

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